Minga 3


Minga 3

MINGA 3  Afro Latin Groove.

From the dynamic effervescence of Colombian life and the cosmopolitan sophistication of Munich arises the musical essence of Minga 3, a musical collective formed at the confluence of the rivers of creativity and friendship.

The name Minga 3 emerges from a fascinating blend of cultures and languages. In Quechua, Minga signifies a ritual of community collaboration, a supportive gathering of friends and neighbors. This same word, in Bavarian dialect, nods to the city of Munich, the band’s adopted home. The number 3, pays tribute to the three founders of this vibrant collective: Carlos Segura from Cali, Big Sergio from Bogotá, and Donald Manuel from the San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina Islands.

Each member of Minga 3 adds a unique flavor to the band’s rich musical palette. Donald, with his artistic prowess shaped in the Colombian music scene, through recognized projects like Magical Beat, Alerta Kamarada, Luna Verde, Dragon y Caballero, and Martina la Peligrosa. Carlos Segura, with his rich rhythmic heritage acquired in groups like La Charanguita de Luis Carlo, La pandilla, Chianti Protokoll, Control Bacano and Mombassa. And Big Sergio, whose distinctive style has been influenced by his proximity to the rap group Carbono, and his collaborations with international artists like 2dnm and Savage Sun, as well as with the Colombian ensemble La Poderosa.

Together, they have forged what they call «Afro Latin Groove», a unique amalgam of rhythms that incorporates the best of their musical heritage, embracing the melodies of their homeland and blending them with an authentic folkloric air. Throughout their career, the band has explored and experimented with urban rhythms such as Salsa Choke, Champeta, Kizomba, and Hip Hop, creating a diverse and magnetic repertoire.

The lyrics of Minga 3 celebrate beauty and resilience, unfolding stories from Colombia, and their lives in Munich. They express admiration not only for Colombian women but also for women worldwide, transmitting a message of love and respect that resonates in every note.

Under Donald Manuel’s skilled artistic direction, Minga 3 represents an exquisite fusion of ethnic and electronic rhythms. The charismatic energy of singers Carlos Segura and Big Sergio transports the listener to a universe of Afro-Colombian sounds and sensations.

With its current base in Munich, Germany, Minga 3 has produced an EP titled «En la casa», a single called «La vida de tu gente», and an album «La noche entera», all composed by themselves. The band, which has seen many musicians pass through its ranks, currently includes the talented Andrés Schwarzer on guitar and Martin Vollmann on bass, both hailing from Venezuela.

Minga 3 is more than a band. It is a celebration of cultural diversity and camaraderie, a musical testament to solidarity and love for music. With its innovative Afro Latin Groove, this Colombian-German collective invites its listeners to join their global minga, a dance of brotherhood and melody that extends beyond borders and language barriers.