Andres Schwarzer

Minga 3

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Andrés Schwarzer is a virtuoso musician whose exceptional guitar skills illuminate the musical landscape of Minga 3. His journey with the guitar started at the tender age of 13, after initially exploring the piano at the age of 8. Andrés’s passion for music took him to Munich, Germany, where he pursued his guitar studies at the Munich Guitar Institute (MGI). Under the tutelage of esteemed musicians Uli Widenhorn and Gottfried Seidl, he honed his craft and developed a deep understanding of diverse musical genres.

Throughout his career, Andrés has collaborated with various Latin, jazz, funk, and rock bands, contributing to their distinctive sounds with his remarkable guitar playing. Among these collaborations, he has performed with the Grammy-nominated artist Lou Bega and Oscar Loya. His past collaborations also include working with Palo Santo and Sabine Menne. Presently, he lends his considerable talents to the “Cocinando Latin Jazz Quartet” and Minga 3, enhancing their music with his vibrant and expressive guitar notes.

In Minga 3, Andrés adds another dimension to the band’s distinctive Afro-Latin Groove, blending the traditional rhythms of his Latin American roots with contemporary European influences. His ability to meld diverse musical styles into a harmonious ensemble is a testament to his versatility as a musician.

From his early beginnings in Caracas to his current performances with Minga 3 in Munich, Andrés Schwarzer continues to showcase his immense talent. His contribution to Minga 3’s discography, including the EP «En la Casa», the single «La Vida de Tu Gente», and the album «La Noche Entera», has undeniably enriched the band’s unique sound.

As Andrés continues to evolve as a guitarist, he remains rooted in his passion for bringing the world together through music. He is an essential part of Minga 3’s success, enhancing the group’s musicality and broadening their reach with his deft guitar playing.