Carlos Segura

Minga 3

Carlos Alberto Segura, a native of Cali, Colombia, is the vocal soul of the dynamic musical collective, Minga 3. Carlos’s musical journey is both deep and varied, spanning from his origins in Colombia to his current base in Munich, Germany.

Carlos embarked on his musical voyage in the heart of Cali, where he immersed himself in the vibrant salsa scene. Here, he was a key member of several youthful groups, such as La Charanguita by Luis Carlos and Mombassa, under the direction of musician Luis Carlos Ochoa. He further honed his musical chops at the Orchestra of the Normal Dptal de Varones de Cali, under the guidance of the renowned conductor Alvaro Ladino. Here, he shared the stage with one of Colombia’s finest voices, Diego Javier González, known as «JAVI G», who remains one of Carlos’s closest friends to this day.

In 2000, Carlos embarked on a new chapter of his life and moved to Germany. This shift not only offered a new cultural backdrop for Carlos, but it also provided him with opportunities to engage with different musical styles. In Europe, he participated in numerous groups across various genres, including La Pandilla, Dale Salsa, Se Formó, Frutos Tropicales, Clave de Cuba, Latin Macumba, and Control Bacano.

The culmination of Carlos’s diverse musical experiences was the formation of Minga 3. As a co-founder and lead singer of this unique ensemble, Carlos seamlessly blends traditional Colombian melodies with contemporary European influences. His vocal talent adds depth and richness to the band’s «Afro-Latin Groove», transporting listeners to an exciting universe of Afro-Colombian music.

Apart from his work with Minga 3, Carlos continues to collaborate with artists worldwide. His contributions to Minga 3’s discography, including the EP «En la Casa», the single «La Vida de Tu Gente», and the album «La Noche Entera», all testify to his profound influence on the band’s sound.

Carlos’s dedication to music is not just about creating unique sonic experiences. It is about a deep-rooted passion for sharing the cultural richness of his Colombian roots with the world. As Carlos Alberto Segura continues his musical journey with Minga 3, he keeps the spirit of Cali alive in every performance, infusing each song with a potent blend of tradition and innovation.