Donald Manuel

Minga 3

Donald Manuel, a prodigious drummer hailing from the charming island of San Andrés in Colombia, is a multifaceted musician whose beats are the rhythmic backbone of Minga 3. Currently residing in Munich, Germany, his career has been a vibrant journey through a landscape filled with a range of Afro-Caribbean genres.

Born into a richly multiethnic environment, Donald was immersed from an early age in an array of musical styles, from the lively beats of Cumbia, Porro, Mapalé, and Salsa, to the vibrant rhythms of Merengue, Soul, and R&B. These diverse cultural influences helped to mold Donald into the accomplished musician he is today, able to effortlessly flow between various musical expressions rooted in his Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Donald’s experience in the music industry spans over a decade and includes collaborations with renowned artists and groups such as Dragon y Caballero, Andy Quintero, Alerta Kamarada, and Magical Beat. His involvement in these projects, both as a performer and in the production process, speaks volumes about his versatility and his nuanced understanding of music.

The journey that began on the shores of San Andrés brought Donald to Germany, where he has had the privilege of contributing his talents to various notable projects. These include ‘Spinario’, a project by acclaimed Austrian composer and conductor Rupert Huber, which took Donald to stages as esteemed as Documenta14 in Athens in 2017.

Donald’s performances have graced multiple festivals in Germany, including Chiemsee Summer, Tollwood, and Theatron, among others. His captivating performances and unique musical style have left an indelible mark on these stages, earning him recognition and respect in the industry.

As the artistic director of Minga 3, Donald is at the helm, steering the band through an innovative musical journey that fuses traditional Colombian melodies with modern electronic rhythms. His extensive experience and multiethnic background allow him to create a unique sound that is at once distinctive and captivating.

From producing Minga 3’s EP «En la casa», the single «La vida de tu gente», to their album «La noche entera», Donald’s musical prowess shines through in all aspects of the band’s work. Regardless of the genre – be it Salsa Choke, Champeta, Kizomba, or Hip Hop – Donald has a knack for blending various musical elements into a cohesive, enjoyable sound. As Minga 3 continues to evolve, there is no doubt that Donald’s diverse talents and commitment to the band’s unique ‘Afro Latin Groove’ will continue to push boundaries and make waves in the music world.